How to rewrite the extensions.conf file using MySQL

Hello Dears,
I wonder how to rewrite the dial plan based on mysql database, like that happens in FreePBX or in any other production PBXs.
example: when you create new endpoint in freepbx and click “Apply Changes” then go check the " extensions.conf" you gonna find alot of lines have been written with the new extension that you created, so exactly how that happens?

Thanks in Advance.

An outside program/script/tool writes a new file according to its own implementation and any data from data sources, and then tells Asterisk to reload it.

You’d best ask the FreePBX people, because they created that system, not us.


Does there anything related to do that include in Asterisk itself?

I just want someway related to do that not exactly as same as the FreePBX, like using Asterisk Real Time to rewrite the PJSIP.conf, so I want someway to re write the dialplan.

There is no included script or thing to do what you describe, no. It’s purely something people write for the specific environment.

Asterisk itself has nothing like this.


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