Extensioni does not exists BUT it's there!

Hi all,

on Asterisk 20 with PJSIP i’ve this lines in extensions.conf:

include => from-voip

exten => _NEWIVR_XXXX,1,Set(DID=${EXTEN:7})
exten => _NEWIVR_XXXX,n,Goto(ivr-services,s,1)

but when i call NEWIVR_5599 (just for example) i got:

NOTICE[63179]: res_pjsip_session.c:4022 new_invite:  voip: Call (UDP: to extension 'NEWIVR_5599' rejected because extension not found in context 'from-voip'.
NOTICE[63179]: res_pjsip_exten_state.c:429 new_subscribe: Endpoint 'voip' state subscription failed: Extension 'NEWIVR_5599' does not exist in context 'from-voip' or has no associated hint

Any hint?

It’s a pattern matched extension[1], meaning “N” is matching numbers. To allow matching it as the letter “N” you would do:

exten => _[N]EWIVR_XXXX,1,Set(DID=${EXTEN:7})
exten => _[N]EWIVR_XXXX,n,Goto(ivr-services,s,1)

[1] Pattern Matching - Asterisk Documentation

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