Extension '' [ ... ] does not exist?


We’ve been using Asterisk as a pbx for quite some time now and have recently upgraded to 2.6, as well as switched from Capi to Zaptel. Everything works perfectly, except for the following case:

From time to time, people cannot reach our tel. system, because their calls are rejected with the following error message:

Extension ‘’ in context ‘default’ from ‘120570599’ does not exist. Rejecting call on channel 0/1, span 1

The Default Context includes, among others, the following lines:

exten => i,1,Answer
exten => i,2,Dial(SIP/grandstream1,20,r)

exten => s,1,Wait,1
exten => s,2,Answer
exten => s,3,Dial(SIP/grandstream1,10|t,r)

Shouldn’t that be enough to catch ALL calls? What can I do to solve/avoid this issue?

Thanks for your support!


Rather than relying on the ‘s’ and ‘i’ extensions, you may want to consider using pattern matching.

voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+ … n+Patterns

Something like this should catch all numbers

exten => _X.,1,NoOP(Catch All)


But so should ‘s’. Certainly the symptom he’s describing sounds like some kind of bug (the erratic nature of this only sometimes failing). If that’s the case, why would any other pattern matching trick be any better?

It’s not that any other technique would be better, but it would simply be different. Since it is different, it may not suffer from the same problem. It seems like a logical, simple place to begin trouble shooting.


well, i guess i disagree. the ‘s’ extension is very clearly documented, and should work. if it not only doesn’t, but fails randomly, that doesn’t argue well for anything else in that vein. if i were in his position, i’d want to know what the problem is. different strokes, i suppose.

The ‘s’ extension is the default extension - if no number is specified (like Goto(mycontext)) it goes to the ‘s’ extension.