Extension calls into conference and two extensions invited - but how?

I am looking to build a Asterisks / FreePBX system to use as a prop phone system. I did a show last year where we modified phones with practical microphones/transducers and used our mixers auxs to do the duplex connectivity. Thinking there must be a better way I have been playing with a raspberry pi 4 and a grandstream ATA.
What I want to do is use a dial plan to allow two FXS extensions to practically call each other via a conference with a third FXS port as a listen port. I was going to use a paging adaptor to auto answer and output audio on that port.
So the idea is phone1 picks up and hotline dials to a conference, that conference will dial out to phone2 and the phone3 (paging adaptor), phone2 rings and they pick up and has a conversation with phone1. The audio of phone1 and phone2 is outputted to phone3 with the output going to broadcast audio. Phone1 and phone2 hang up and the connection to phone3 is closed. The connectivity would have to happen when phone1 or phone2 hotline dials each other.
The question is how would i accomplish this? I am a it overgoogled in on this…

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Wasn’t sure which forum would be best. But yes that is the same post.

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