Can Asterisk do this (Very simple conference with GUI)

i’ve had a look through some related posts, and it looks like in general the answer is yes, but can asterisk be dumbed down enough for this…

I would like to create a conference facility using asterisk. I’m part of a very large company with a very old PABX that doe snot support decent conferincing. I have over 40 spare extestions with DID’s

I would use a single computer with a touchscreen running asterisk, on board would be 15 FXS ports and one FXO port .
The fxo port would connect to an analogue conference telephone in the conference room and the 15 fxs ports would connect to the existing offices’ DID PABX extensions (all analogue).
The touchscreen gui would show a simple conference screen that showed what number was connected to which port (via CLID).
The user could use the touchscreen to dial out to parties, mute current active parties and disconnect parties. Audio would go through the conference room phone.
The screen/computer would have an internal address book which would correlate with CLID
Inbound callers would ring in on a DID number (for example FXS port 1) which asterisk would divert to another extension* to provide a single point of entry to the conference and to avoid that single point from becoming engaged.
The system cannot access the web or voip, the system cannot access any external pabx commands other than those available to a user via an analogue phone (i.e. divert, forward, last number redial etc.)

What I’d like to know is, can asterisk do this? Can it do it out of the box (or with a few simple modules/ a bit of easy coding)

*this is the bit that I reckon would be tricky. I need to give a single number that other users could ring to join the conference.
The only way I can see of doing this is having a user dial in to one number which is part of asterisk, getting a message “please wait while we join you to the conference” and then it tells the office pabx to forward that call to another extension, one of the other fxs ports. It could do this another 13 times before their would be no free ports available, but it would have to be bright enough to see free

This can be done but there is no GUI for what you need. You would need to build your own interface.

i figured i would have to make a gui, i was thinking something in vb (hey, i’m used to it and it’s quick) and an asterisk api.
my boss has given me money to build a prototype.
not sure what I’m going to tell the telephone department yet… :0)