EXTEN from DAHDI only 4 digits

I’m setting up a new server running Asterisk 11.4.0 and using dahdi driver 2.6.0

When I receive calls from outside via DAHDI (digium TE220 card, with AT&T supplying the T1 PRI), the EXTEN channel variable only gives the last 4 digits of the incoming number – I was expecting at least 7.

Is this a configuration problem (hints to where to look would be appreciated), a driver problem, or a “feature”? Or could it be that AT&T is only sending me the last 4 digits the user dialed?

I can dial any number of digits from an internal phone, and they all show up in the dial plan as expected, and I don’t understand why calls coming in from the dahdi driver should be any different.



It’s not a feature. I’m not sure where you could have gone wrong in configuration (our Support people are at digium.com/support these forums are a community resource, our Support people don’t monitor them). It could be AT&T’s only sending 4 digits (maybe that’s what was checked on the installation sheet for the PRI or someone there fat-fingered things).


That is the normal behavior(in my country at least) for incoming calls through E1/T1, so you can modify your dialplan to match the incoming ANI.

There is a setting but it only applies to MFCR2:
; Max amount of ANI to ask for
; mfcr2_max_ani=10

Thanks for the fast feedback. I wondered if it might be AT&T – since that sounds possible and I don’t see anything weird on my end, I’ll assume that is what is going on.

I’ll just leave it alone for now, since it is not causing a problem and we need to keep the old Nortel system working as a viable backup, at least for a while.

I’ll assume whoever set up the Nortel system asked AT&T to do it this way, and once we throw it out I’ll talk to AT&T about sending us 7 digits instead of 4.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions!