Exploring new possibilities for asterisk

i am intending to set up asterisk, however i am wondering can i add function from traditional phone system.

  1. from the callers number, asterisk will forward the number to certain people. example if caller is mr x his call will only be forward to mr y and not to other extension

  2. from the caller id info, we can use some web application and trigger asterisk to call back to the caller via the number track in caller id.

your advice would be of much help as i am new in this area. thanks for your time.

  1. Yes, you can do it.
  2. Yes, you can do it.


Marco Bruni

thanks for your reply but if you mind can you tell me where can i find out more and read up about the list of function to explore?

i intend to built it with java web application.

what i have in mind is about having asterisk to manage my phone system and i manage asterisk using my java web application. this web application will help me keep the record of people who call in.

based on the caller it will perform different function as explain in the post above.

however i would like to describe and put more detail for the question 2 that i am asking because i think i give too little detail. below is the flow of event which will happen.

  1. mr x call the office and his caller number is being kept in the CDR.
  2. mr x put down the phone and i decide to call him.
  3. using a trigger in webapp asterisk use my phone and dail to mr x.

sorry that i have to ask this again because i think that i have not describe it properly in the above post.

As I said before you can do this, from the java web app just retrieve the informations about the caller from your database, then use the Originate manager command to start the call, it’s a just “click to call” function, I implemented this in the past using php and the Sugar CRM.
A good interface between * and Java seems this: asterisk-java.org/.


Marco Bruni