Speech-controlled forwarding

Hello everybody,

I want to accomplish the following and I’m asking myself if that’s possible with Asterisk:

  1. Somebody calls a number and the PC with Asterisk gets the call.
  2. The calling number is matched against a database and if it’s found the call is redirected to another number in the publich telephony network.
  3. Otherwise a short introductory message soundfile is played and then the caller can speak the name of his town. Then it’s decided if further details are needed or not (the information is in a database). If more information is needed the caller is asked for this and afterwards his call get’s redirected.

The redirection is always to a different number in the public telephony network and so it would be good if the call could be redirected via the network’s function and not by Asterisk opening a second connection.

So my question is: is that possible and if yes, what is the configuration called so that I can investigate the documentation, google and so on. If somebody has examples, links etc. I’d be glad.

Thanks in advance

You could probably accomplish this. CallerID matching is trivial, speach recognition is tough with pure open source solutions. You would be better of with DTMF options (IE have the caller enter their zip code) to work some magic off of.