Euro ISDN - Ireland


I have a Euro ISDN line from Eircom in Ireland it is BRI not PRI and I can get upto 8 numbers on it. Am i able to use this with Asterisk, or has anyone else set-up similat.




You three solutions : ZapHfc, mISDN, Chan_capi. ZapHfc et mISDN are simple. Today, I have tested especially ZapHfc because is similar another Digium board managed by Zaptel driver. I have 4 BRI and 20 number for the SDA.

It is necessary (very important) to set you BRI access to ETSI EuroIsdn+ near Eircom.

For ZapHFC you go to this url ttp:// Excuse-me, it is in french but the configuration line it’s very well.

You download bristuff-0.3.0-PRE-1k on

for compile it, you install the kernel source and do a symlink with build in /lib/modules/[your kernel]/ to /usr/src/linux-[your kernel] and also in /usr/src between linux-2.6 with linux-[your kernel]

At the end of compile, you run depmod command. You configure your different like the French Wiki, you reboot and it is Ok. For your test, you have softphone Idefisk (IAX) because IAX protocole is very strong and efficient that SIP.

Hi Robert,

Yes it can be done. I have a multi BRI installation working in Portadown using Asterisk-1.2.4+mISDN+mqueue-branch+Beronet-BN4SO quad port BRI PCI card. Also, a legacy Mitel PBX and all it’s legacy phones etc fully integrated with Asterisk.