Errors in asterisk 13 in centos 7

hy my friend , i new member :smile:

recenttly installed asterisk 13.01 en centos 7 and have a few problems:

when i finalished my installation and going in cli y have this errors:::

centos*CLI> core reload

[Jan 11 22:34:50] WARNING[13180]: res_phoneprov.c:1229 get_defaults: Unable to find a valid server address or name.
[Jan 11 22:34:50] ERROR[13180]: ari/config.c:296 process_config: No configured users for ARI
[Jan 11 22:34:50] NOTICE[13180]: pbx_lua.c:1640 load_or_reload_lua_stuff: Lua PBX Switch loaded.
[Jan 11 22:34:50] NOTICE[13180]: res_config_ldap.c:1710 parse_config: No directory user found, anonymous binding as default.
[Jan 11 22:34:50] ERROR[13180]: res_config_ldap.c:1736 parse_config: No directory URL or host found.
[Jan 11 22:34:50] NOTICE[13180]: res_config_ldap.c:1669 reload: Cannot reload LDAP RealTime driver.
[Jan 11 22:34:50] NOTICE[13180]: chan_skinny.c:8418 config_load: Configuring skinny from skinny.conf
[Jan 11 22:34:50] WARNING[13180]: chan_skinny.c:8449 config_load: Unable to get our IP address, Skinny disabled
[Jan 11 22:34:50] NOTICE[13180]: cel_custom.c:95 load_config: No mappings found in cel_custom.conf. Not logging CEL to custom CSVs.
[Jan 11 22:34:50] WARNING[13180]: pbx_dundi.c:4844 set_config: Unable to look up host ‘centos.localdomain’
[Jan 11 22:34:50] NOTICE[13180]: app_queue.c:8513 reload_queue_rules: queuerules.conf has not changed since it was last loaded. Not taking any action.

i can´t register my phones sip…

and i have basic configuration in sip.conf

type = friend
context = from-intenal

cvillarreal77: Please not tail end unrelated threads.

I won’t continue on this thread, but I would note that there is too little information to do anything but repeat the typical causes, which you should be able to get from Google.