Asterisk 13 files not found

I just installed Asterisk 13.13.1 and after installation. I could not see the modules directory, other asterisk files in their usual asterisk directory

The /usr/lib/asterisk/ – seems not to exist. and /etc/asterisk/ is empty

In previous asterisk servers that I have used I have not witnessed this.

I followed the tutorial at linoxide

My CentOs is a 64bit OS and please dont be offended if my question is somehow silly. Just that I have not been in this position not to see directories I think should be in their right location

I have installed it like a installing on a 32bit system by specifying

./configure in the asterisk-13 folder

But I still have the /etc/asterisk/ folder empty. In previous asterisks, there are files such as extensions.conf, modules.conf, sip.conf etc but I can’t see them here

Or is there a new directory for them?

The “make install” installs all the modules and other stuff. The “make samples” installs the sample configuration files into /etc/asterisk, it’s not done by default as it overwrites the files there.

@jcolp Thank you, now it works. But I have installed Asterisk like my CentOS is a 32bit OS while it is 64bit. Does that have any performance or usability effect?

It will work the same.

Thank you very much. I did dialplan reload in the CLI now and I get the error “”

No such command ‘dialplan reload’ (type ‘core show help dialplan reload’ for other possible commands)