Call file problems

I am using call files to dial out from asterisk

We began testing by creating the files by hand on the fedora box and it worked a treat

We have now developed an app which can create these files on a windows box and then push them over to the asterisk box but we keep getting the following error:

Any ideas?

Can you enable logging on the box and post the full out put ?

sorry, im new to this…

how would i do that?

im running asterisk 1.4.11 on Fedora core 7

Uncomment the last line in /etc/asterisk/logger.conf (which should start with full). The output will be in /var/log/asterisk/full

You will also need to run logger reload from the CLI to have the system start logging.

cheers, have now got full logging on…

it appears to make the outbound call without problem, hangup with out problem but then says:

As this is just a “Notice” am i right in assuming it is just a notification that the far end phone was still runging when we hungup the line and theres no actual error to worry about?

You might be having a problem with the file partially being written, and Asterisk workign with an incomplete file.

You really should copy the file to a directory on the Asterisk box, then have a script in the asterisk box use the ‘mv’ command command to move the file completely.