Empty calls from que

Our agents recieve empty/sillent calls from the queues a couple of times every day. It seems that when a caller hang up before the call is answered, it is still in the que. A point to point call, which is hanged up works fine. But when the call is in the que, it will be left in the que. We belive the call is there until the max wait time out have been reached.

I can’t find this issue or a sollution any where. And i can’t belive we are the only ones how have this issue.

What have i missed? Or is it no sollution on the issue, every one ignore the issue.

Abandoned queue calls work OK for me. You are going to have to provide a lot more information, like exact version, technology (SIP/DAHDI/etc.), if this is PSTN and if so how is disconnect supervision handled at the circuit switched network boundary.