[Help] In Queues, Channel not getting cleared


I’m using Asterisk with queues. The agents log in/out using AgentCallBackLogin/ AgentLogoff manager commands. The queue is set for rmemory for routing calls to agent. I’ve also enabled ack call parameter so, agents has to ack the incoming call by pressing # key. Here, Asterisk is used in pure SIP only environment.

I’m facing strange problem where an incoming call gets connected to an agent. But, some times the channel connected the agent is not getting cleared on call disconnect. Also, the status of agent stays as talking to that channel. This prevents the agent from getting further incoming calls.

Call flow sequence.

  1. Caller calls to our Asterisk server using the DID number assigned to it. Channel say SIP/caller is active now.
  2. Call gets routed to a queue.
  3. Say Agent x is available in the queue
  4. From the agent context called the agent phone.
  5. Agent connected to Caller. Now other active channels are Agent/x and SIP/agent
  6. After call disconnect. Sometimes, SIP/caller and Agent/1234 goes off but SIP/agent doesn’t get dropped. And the agent status remains connected to the pending channel. Even Asterisk cmd “Soft hangup” is not disconnecting this pending channel.

Please help.

FYI> In Users forum i got a reply saying using AddQueueMember/RemoveQueueMember may fix this problem as there are lot of bugs in AgentCallBacklogin - Can you advice?


why don’t you not cross-post? it’s rude and it bumps valid topics.

furthermore, if you had searched the bugtracker like i had suggested, you would have found this in less than 3 minutes:


My intention of posting this in development forum is to get more information on the issue as i know many members of this forum are developers of asterisk so they can easily provide insight of it.

Since, the topic looks like an user topic of discussion there is a chance where this could be again moved to user forum thats the reason i’ve mentioned your reply here. Anyway, thanks for your reply in Users forum. I may come back with more questions as i start looking into it.

If this is anyway rude or against the norms i apologize for it.