Edit conf files


I’m a new user to asterisk so forgive me if I’m missing something or dont include all the details needed for an answer.

I’m trying to edit the voicemail.conf file through WinSCP but I can’t get logged in as the root user.

I believe that editing the sshd_config file at PermitRootLogin would allow this but can’t get in to edit that either.

Is it possible to edit these files directly through the root user in putty? I would rather use the text file I can open (but not edit) in WinScp just to keep myself right but understand there would be security issues by changing the sshd_file so if it needs to be through putty then so be it.

Could anyone provide a step by step beginners guide to this as I’m still not overly familiar with asterisk yet and most of the terminology I see here?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, those files can be edited by SSHing in using something like Putty. If you can’t log in as the root user, because sshd is configured that way, you’ll have to log in using your regular user account first, and then use “su -” or “sudo su -” in order to get root privileges.

One of the simplest editors to use is called nano. Type “nano /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf” and it’ll open the voicemail configuration file. You’ll see some basic nano commands at the bottom of the screen, those are all Ctrl+something commands.

Good luck.

Thanks for this - I’ve managed to get into the file and made the changes I need to :smiley:

Awesome :smile: