Echo in confbridge

hi *,

we’re running a couple of conference servers with meetme and we want to replace meetme with the new confbridge app.
but unfortunately we’re facing some quality issues with confbridge.

what we’re experiencing is the following:

when a person in the conference starts talking he / she could hear himself / herself for maybe half a second.
it doesn’t occur every time a person starts talking but quite often- so I’m sure we’ll get complaints about it when we start using it productive…
does anyone know if this is a configuration issue or a maybe a bug ??

currently we are on asterisk 10 but we also tested with 11 beta2.
we use g722 codec in our infrastructure.

Echo cancellation is the responsibility of the SIP phone or the ISDN or analogue line card (or its driver). You need to look there for echo problems.

My guess is that confbridge has been set to mute the audio and whatever is doing the cancellation is unleaning the echo characteristics of the line during this period. This also suggests that echo cancellation may be happening too late in the chain.