Early Media Support (100rel/PRACK) on Asterisk 15.5

Hello everyone,

Does Asterisk 15.5 supports early media(100rel/PRACK) over chan_sip channel?

100rel/PRACK is not early media. It’s acknowledgement of provisional messages. The chan_sip module does not support this in any version.

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Thank You!
One more question sir. would it be possible to make an outbound call from Asterisk by restricting the caller ID of the user with “privacy=id” header?

I don’t know how to configure chan_sip or have it set that (if at all possible).

I just saw following the command-lines in one blog. Not sure if we apply this in extensions_additional.conf, how it will take effect. Will it apply for all registered users?

exten => _9.,1,SIPAddHeader(P-Asserted-Identity: <sip:+1${CALLERID(num)};user=phone>)
exten => _9.,n,SIPAddHeader(Privacy: user; header; session)
exten => _9.,n.SetCallerPres(prohib_not_screened) ; this might not be needed — needs further testing
exten => _9.,n,Set(CALLERID(num)=)
exten => _9.,n,Set(CALLERID(name)=Anonymous)
exten => _9.,n,Dial(SIP/+${EXTEN:1}@sipcarrier)
exten => _9.,n,Hangup()

It’s incomplete; there is no context specified.

We have no idea how extensions_addtional.conf relates to the rest of your dialplan, as it is not part of Asterisk, but typically integrates with a dialplan from a third party GUI.

You should not be manually adding P-Asserted-Identity headers, as this is a header that the Asterisk code owns. Similarly for Privacy, I believe.

Thank you for the input.