A problem with the Early Media

Dear Asterisk Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek assistance with an issue we are experiencing in our Asterisk environment.

The situation is as follows: when making calls while early media is on in the queue from which the call is being made, we notice that the chan_sip becomes unresponsive (or that is what we think). Even though we send the hangup signal to the trunk as soon as the call is answered, the channel disconnects, but the call continues to execute waiting for an Answer signal to finally hangup the call to replicate the scenario, we have the following configuration:Incoming queue in an Asterisk:


exten=> _12314141413,1,Progress()

exten=> _12314141413,2,Playback(Welcome,noanswer)

exten=> _12314141413,3,Wait(40)

exten=> _12314141413,4,Answer(0)

Outgoing campaign in another Asterisk using the app_dial application for dialing.The problem specifically arises when there is early media in the outgoing campaign. Even though we send the hangup signal between node 2 and 4, Asterisk waits for the Answer to execute the hangup. If we disable early media, Asterisk immediately disconnects upon sending the hangup without waiting for the Answer from the other side.Attached, you will find a SIP traffic capture of a sample call, if you need the .pcap file just ask!We appreciate any guidance, suggestions, or solutions you can provide to overcome this issue. If you need more information or details, please feel free to ask.

PD: We´re running an Asterisk 13.

Thank you for your attention and collaboration!

What do you mean by “the hangup signal”? You would need to send CANCEL, not BYE. BYE cannot be sent until the session is established.

In any case, neither Asterisk 16, nor chan_sip are supported, so please retry with, at least Asterisk 18, and chan_pjsip. You will need full logs, with verbosity at least 3, and, assuming chan_pjsip, “pjsip set logger on” having been issued.

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