Support for PRACK - RFC 3262 - Asterisk 11.5.1


I am currently working on asterisk-11.5.1 version and need to have either the “Supported: 100rel” or the “Require: 100rel” in my initial SIP INVITE. For this, i had also included the line “prack=yes” in the [general] section of the sip.conf file and performed a “sip reload” on the asterisk CLI. But still the headers (with 100rel as the value) are not present.

Additionally, find that the “Supported: replaces, timer” is present.

Please help me in getting the 100rel also in the initial SIP INVITE. Additional references to the above topic is also highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

B. Poonam Chand Jain

The chan_sip module does not support PRACK.

Thanks for the reply.

Request your assistance in letting me know

  1. Is there any other way to enable support for 100rel in the existing version 11.5.1
  2. If not, will an upgrade of asterisk help with supporting 100rel. If yes, which version and the configuration associated with it.

Appreciate your time and effort in this regard.

B. Poonam Chand Jain

PRACK is supported on Asterisk 13 and above using the new chan_pjsip module which uses a different SIP stack.