Dynamically turn off/on Recording


We are using Asterisk 15.4, sipML5 softphone. We are using monitor to record calls.

  1. Is there any way to dynamically switch recording off or on during the call?
  2. How to send event (indicating on/off recording) from UI(sipML5) to asterisk ?

Yes. Use Asterisk Manager Interface.

Can we use ARI instead of AMI?

No idea. AMI is intended for this sort of purpose (third party control). Although i have’t looked at ARI in detail, it seems to me that it is fundamentally mismatched to the job, and the only sensible way of using it would be to invoke it using AMI, anyway.

ARI does not provide a mechanism to control MixMonitor or other things. It would be if you wanted to write your own MixMonitor.