Dynamic Queue Agents Show in call and Not in Use at the same time

Asterisk 18.17.1

I noticed my queue members are showing as in call and not in use at the same time when answering a queue call. I looked up previous posts but didn’t see anything that helped me. Any ideas?

Not on call:

Phil V (Local/55555@from-queue/n from hint:55555@ext-local) (ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (Not in use) has taken 2 calls (last was 132 secs ago) (login was 8937 secs ago)

On queue call:

Phil V (Local/55555@from-queue/n from hint:55555@ext-local) (ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (in call) (Not in use) has taken 1 calls (last was 4212 secs ago) (login was 8493 secs ago)

This can happen if the call is transferred, or if the hint does not reflect the actual dialed target.

The extensions do have a FMFM to off-PBX phones (1NXXNXXXXXX#), but this issue has not come up before. I will review the queue settings.

FMFM is not an Asterisk construct.

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