Duplicate DTMF

I have a Server running C2.3.2 with an AEX2400 card running a IVR with only inbound calls. I have a problem where I’m picking up duplicate DTMF tones from multiple customers i.e they enter 4 and the system picks up 44 or # and we see ##.

Maybe your Asterisk server is experiencing issues with echo. I would suggest that you check your echocancelation configuration in chan_dahdi.conf

Also, If you have relaxdtmf, you may want to disable it

Thank you for responding. relaxdtmf is commented out in zapata.conf and I don’t have a file chan_dahdi.conf however echocancel=yes in the zapata.conf.



echocancel=yes can not ensure it’s ok for ec. Please record it tx and rx separately and check if any echo exists.

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