Hi People,

We are looking at using dundi in a call carrier situation and are having a few troubles.

The idea is we will host a collection of asterisk machines connected as dundi peers in our datacenter (machines B, C, D), From the outside our clients will connect thier own asterisk boxes (machine A, E) (not running dundi) to any one of our machines and will have thier calls routed accordingly to either other clients.

for eaxmple a call from 1234 4321 could be routed to 2234 4322. The problem we have is the extension of the destination asterisk ends up replacing the original call number when doing a dundi lookup as you cant lookup by host, so when the call gets to the destination, we have no idea where to send it as we only have the regexten of the destination asterisk.

Can dundi handle IAX connected asterisk boxes like in the below, or is dundi not really suited for this? If so how do we go about handling the routing?


This is hard to explain, give a shout if you need more details or something doesn’t make sense.


*edited for typos and clarification.