DTMF Tones

I am trying to set up a call queue, but with a bit of a difference. I need the call to go to several extensions on a huntgroup, but if nobody picks up the call I then need it to go to an external number.

This is not too much of a problem, the difficulty arises when the call goes through to the number, I need it to play a set of DTMF tones to that number.

These tones will then be used to connect teh call to a particular call queue on a third parties telephony system.

I am lead to believe that this can be done, but I need some help in setting this up. Can anybody help?

nope, nobody can help. Sorry dude.

Just kidding!

set up your extensions as a call queue in queues.conf

exten => whatever,1,Queue(yourqueuename,n,20) ; tries queue 1 for 20 seconds, if that fails moves on (n flag).
exten => whatever,2,Dial(SIP/provider/numbertoothercallqueue,45,mD1234) ; dials otehr call queue via sip/provider, 45sec ring timeout, plays music on hold until call is answered. when call is answered, dial 1234 before connecting the caller.
exten => whatever,3,Playback(tt-monkeys) ; provide caller with a statement from the current PBX administrator
exten => whatever,4,Hangup() ; end cleanly

Hope that helps!