Cannot place Zap call: DTMF "4" makes wrong tone

Cannot place Zap call: DTMF “4” makes wrong tone

When my Asterisk (or Zaptel?) generates DTMF tones, it generates the wrong tone for “4”. Therefore, my Asterisk cannot place any calls on a Zap channel that involve dialing the digit “4”.

I have listened to the tones using an ordinary phone, both as a peer of Asterisk (eavesdropping when Asterisk executes Dial) and plugged into a TDM-card port of the Asterisk box (to listen to tones from SIP (RFC-2833) button presses after Asterisk has connected the two phones).

The wrong tone occupies the right length of time, and it is a consistent pitch from start to finish, but it is not one of the normal digit tones. It sounds like it’s half missing… less complex than the working digits’ tones.

Where does Asterisk/Zaptel generate tones? How can I troubleshoot and correct the wrong “4” tone?

[code]$ uname -rmpi x86_64 x86_64 x86_64

$ svn info
Revision: 102190

svn info

Revision: 3821[/code]

I’m noticing the same issue.

We’re also using Sangoma A102D cards for our zap channels, but it also seems to be affecting our outbound SIP provider as well. I’m wondering if we’re getting some sort of weird timing back from the zaptel driver which could be causing this?

Kernel: x86_64 x86_64 x86_64

1.4.18-56 - ATRPMS Fedora RPM

1.4.9-47 - ATRPMS Fedora RPM[/code][/code]

The problem I noticed had been reported in the Digium issue tracker as #11855. It got fixed in their Subversion repository in February.