DTMF Problem on Digium G200

I have my G200 PRI gateway connected to an Asterisk server.
When dialing out from an IP phone over the PRI, I quite often have the problem, that my DTMF tones won’t be recognized on the other end.
Tried changing DTMF settings from RFC2833 to SIP Info etc, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.
Can anybody give advice on where to start looking?

You’re certainly welcome to ask here, but be aware that Digium’s Support staff does not monitor these forums. Rather, we provide support for commercial products via our Support channels outlined at www.digium.com/support


Like Malcolm said, I would definitely work with Digium support to go through it. If it turns out that the DTMF is being sent via a mutually agreed upon transport mechanism between the phone and gateway (INFO or rfc2833), you may need to get support to get a PRI capture of the tone data to figure out if it’s making it through the ISDN side. Digium support will be best equipped to help with this, IMHO.

Best wishes,
Matthew Fredrickson

How does the gateway actually send the dtmf tones down the PRI?

In band PCM, i.e. as the actual tone.