DTMF input is not coming

Hi while I am making outbound calls and customers are trying to pass DTMF input, I am not getting any hit on asterisk server. And the same is working fine with inbound calls.

Not working scenarios

  1. While making simple outbound call from softphone (xlite), able to get DTMF from xlite but from customer side nothing is coming.
  2. While making voice blast call where playing some pre-recorded message to customer through Backgroun() function, customer is unable to pass DTMF

relaxdtmf=yes this is also configured.

thanks in advace

Leaving aside that Asterisk is a client in this situation, what do you mean by “hit”?

thanks David, I am not getting anything on CLI while pressing key pad on customer mobile

What have you set that would mean that you expect to see console output?

Hi David, the problem is while I am making any outbound call and playing pre-recorded messages to customer and expecting some input from customer like
press 1, if you are happy with our services
press 2, if you are not happy
we are not getting any DTMF inputs from customer.

In other side if any customer is calling back on our inbound DID and we are playing same kind of message and expecting again press 1 for satisfied and press 2 for not satisfied. We are able to get the DTMF inputs

I thought it could happen because I am playing some pre-recorded message on outbound calls, so I made simple outbound call from softphone (xlite,3cx) through simple dial function and pressed some key from xlite and saw the events were coming on asterisk CLI.
But when I was pressing any digits from customer’s mobile key pad nothing was coming on CLI related to DTMF inputs

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You are in the Dial application at that point. Any DTMF from the B party will be sent to the A party.

You haven’t provided the dialplan, but I suspect you are under the fairly common misapprehension that Dial only dials; it also supervises the call until one party hangs up.

DTMF can be used in the supervision phase, but needs to be handled as feature codes.

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