DTMF keys not recognized on outbound IVR


DTMF is not working on outbound IVR. I’ve tried configuring


have also tried

canreinvite =no

but still not working.

There is no firewall.
I’m using Asterisk 11.25.1

I’d use tcpdump to capture the SIP and RTP and then use wireshark to check whether RFC 2833 was actually negotiated, and whether INFO, inband media, or telephony events are being received.

I would assume the problem lies with the peer.

The directmedia (the current name for canreinvite) setting should be irrelevant, as trying to read DTMF should disable direct media, anyway.

The chosen dtmfmode needs to be supported by the peer.

I’ve tested further, I’m able to pass DTMF using zoiper but its not recognized using CISCO 7960/40


DTMF is sometimes passed and sometimes not.

I’m not gud at reading tcpdump using wireshark, but I’ll try to capture it and upload it here