Drop calls after switching to AT&T


We have been using Asterisk for years with FreePBX and using VoicePulse as our provider and we are using SIP not PRI. We recently switched our provider to AT&T. Most outbound calls are getting dropped anywhere from 30 seconds into a call to about 5 mins. Two of my co-workers were on 2 separate calls and they both dropped at the same time. Also, sometimes when the outbound call connects there is no audio, you can’t hear the person on the other end.

I have a feeling that it is how the Trunks are setup and I am missing something. AT&T offered no support for the setup so I pretty much only have this for my trunk:

host=<AT&T IP>

I am not really sure where to start with trouble shooting this. Any help is much appreciated.

Just to add to this. Not sure if calls are getting dropped or if just the audio is cutting out in the middle of the call.

This won’t be the Asterisk configuration, although there may be some workaround you can do within that configuration, once you know what is forgetting the connection and why.

This look a network issue, Something outside Asterisk

AT&T gave me 4 IP addresses at Test & Turn up. 2 of them were for the trunks and I asked about the other 2. They said they were used for media and that I probably don’t need to do anything with them.

I add those to my firewall’s IP tables after we were having problems and this hasn’t happened again. Is it possible that those 2 IPs are for certain media and audio channels? Unfortunately my firewall logs rotated already so I couldn’t check if these IPs were getting blocked at the time of the issue.

My co-workers are making a bunch of calls in the next few days, so if this stops happening I would guess it was the fix.

Thanks Guys!