Audio 'pauses' for 5-10secs, call not dropped


we are trying to figure out this problem, its annoying to the point where we are considering dropping use altogether.

on occasion, and I mean OCCASION, we get complete and total audio pauses for 5-10 seconds, but if you wait, the call is not dropped. This happens on anything going to our VOIP provider from our asterisk box, from any of the different VOIP phones / gateways we have installed.

Its not easy to reproduce: on some calls 1hr + there are no drops at all, on other calls it may happen once a minute. There is nothing in the log, there is nothing saying call dropped or call failed, just a total and complete pause in the audio, varying in time from 3-10 seconds (its never more than 10 seconds).

Our setup is (we have multiple phones but this is the most popular):

gxp-2k handsets <-> asterisk <-> firewall/route <-> VOIP provider.

we have tried 3 voip providers, 2 IP (DSL and Cable) providers, an upgraded asterisk box (from what it was running), a different router, a different network switch/cable.

what is interesting is if I put a VOIP phone outside of the firewall, there is no drops (i.e. take asterisk out of the equation). If I call direct from a VOIP phone from inside of the firewall (again, with asterisk out of the equation) there is also no drops. Same ports being used, forwarded, etc. i.e. no configuration changes.

So it seems like its something to do with asterisk bridging the calls…

anyone else exprience this issue ?


I’m running 1.4, and I’m having this problem. I realize this post is several months old, but wondered if anyone has any ideas on this.