Calls getting dropped

I’m having a problem that when I’m on a call the call gets dropped. It seems to be that the connection between the sip phone and the freePBX is getting broken. When I hear the call get dropped I look at the flash panel and it shows the call is still connected until the other party hangs up. I have had it where I have had a dropped call and then dial in the voice mail and I get voice mail and also I get reconnected to the call at the same time.

I have replaced the Digium TDP400 card that I’m using as that was a thought. I have three different phones that this is happening with. There is no consistent timing on how long the call will last before it is dropped. I have tested and taken a new switch and connected only one phone to the FreePBX box and the same thing is still happening. I have replaced the NIC in the system as well.

Thanks for any help

Kirk G

You have to check your asterisk server on network ping contineously with othe computer on network mainly the drop call problem is related to your network where network connection drop when network connection drop than you have to feel call drop you have to check network connector also because same time they will also create problem.