DPMA register tool


I tried to use the register tool to get the licensing stuff going.
The tool reports:
Could not get categories from Digium. Please check firewall and DNS settings.
You must be able to connect to register.digium.com via TCP port 443. If a
web proxy is required, run register --help for proxy usage instructions.

There is no proxy or firewall in this setup. I am able to connect from the asterisk server to the requested host:
root@server:~# telnet register.digium.com 443
Connected to register.digium.com.
Escape character is ‘^]’.

So DNS resolution and connect to port 443 works.
When I try to visit the website register.digium.com firefox complains about security:
The used certificate of the webserver expired 17th october 2011 :confused:
Could this be the reason the register tool does not work?
Is this still the valid tool to use or has anybody a solution?


The register utility is operating normally.