DPMA disables MWI for voice mail

I’m running asterisk 11.10.0 compiled from source and Digium phones with firmware. When the DPMA is loaded, the apps run fine but MWI for voice mail is disabled. Also, the basic CDR to /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/Master.csv is disabled. How can I re-enable both?

Update: the CDR problem is fixed. It was a permissions thing on the file Master.csv (nothing to do with the DPMA) it just required a ‘chown’ on the file. I’m still having the MWI problem tho, and that does seem to be related to the DPMA. I can “fix” it by issuing a ‘core restart when convenient’ at the CLI prompt, then all phone regain their MWI, but that fix times-out somehow and requires another ‘core restart when convenient’.