Doing dnsmgr_lookup for


I have an Asterisk 1.8 server connected to OpenIP via a Trunk SIP,
In the Asterisk console I often see the following message’ = IP adress of the provieder VOIP

doing dnsmgr_lookup for '
doing dnsmgr_lookup for ‘

Please, how can I mask this ?

Set verbosity to less than 4:

(or change main/dnsmgr.c and modify the 4 to something more acceptable to you, then recompile and build).

I have to do that outside work hours, because it will take time, yes or no ??

Changing the verbosity can be done on a live system: core set verbose 3

Incidentally, this is the wrong forum for support.

thank you for the reply,

What is the right one ?

You appear to have been moved into the correct one: Asterisk Support.

thank you for your help david55 :wink:

Now I can’t see this message in the console