Does Asterisk Supports AVI Container(.avi) format files for Video Playback


Just want to check can we use Asterisk for Video Playback using .avi files (H264 & G711 Alaw) content. Please suggest.

No. It does not.


I have used PJSIP stack for video playback, and found performance issues with that if used with some traffic, with single call it will work because as per my understanding in PJSIP Stack Video passthrough is not supported.

Could you please suggest how can achieve video passthrough(H.264) with PJSIP Stack as Asterisk also use PJSIP Stack.

Asterisk only supports passthrough for video!

Did you mean direct media?

Yes David for Media streaming.

How Video passthrough is implemented in Asterisk, it is handled at application level or using any library?

Also how can we test video playback through Asterisk which format file i need to configured?
For example, if i want to video playback (H264 for video, alaw for audio) what will be the files required by Asterisk?

File playback involving video is something few people use, know about, or touch. You’re unlikely to find it to be satisfactory or what you want. It’s not an area that has been focused on.

By passthrough it means Asterisk doesn’t do anything with the video. No transcoding, no encapsulation in a container for file storage (like mkv or avi).

Whenever somebody asks a video-transcoding-related question, I reach for FFmpeg.

Do you need to convert the file to a streamable format, like .ts? That should be quite easy to do. What format would we need for SIP calls?

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