Asterisk Support for G729b,EVRC0

Hi ,

I would like to know If Digium/Asterisk or any SystemIntegrators or Third Party is Planning to Support G729b,EVRC0 Codec for asterisk 1.8.x .

If there are any let me know about how we can get it or purchase it .


No, there are no plans.

Since 1.8 has already been released, no new codec capabilities will be added to it during its lifetime. New codecs are only added to code branches / trunk, before they are released.

thanks for your response , how about any registered thirdparty developers or Integrator’s supporting this, i tried a lot searching but coudln’t find a suitable one


Probably not. G.729b is silence suppression and VAD, on top of the regular G.729a coding. Since Asterisk supports neither silence suppression or VAD, it would require some pretty core changes.