Dock-n-Talk for cellphones

Anyone have any luck with using Dock-n-Talk ( for cellphone termination for incoming and outgoing calls? What is your setup like?

I can’t use a GSM modem/fixed terminal because I’ll be using the Sony Ericsson Z800 phone that works on W-CDMA (3G) network in Japan (via Vodafone).

So I intend to connect the cellphone to the Dock-n-Talk, and then connect it to a Digium Wildcard TDM400P 1port FXO/1port FXS. Will this work?

I’ll want calls from SIP to reach me via cellphone, or perhaps as well to call the cellphone to get on a SIP call.

Also, besides the Wildcard card, can I use a Grandstream ATA488 to connect the Dock-n-Talk to work? What about other such ATA like the Linksys/Sipura SPA-3000? The reason I’m asking this is that an ATA typically cost lower than buying a Wildcard :frowning:

I’m just a student trying this out on an experimental basis. Please help.