Do i really need ztdummy?

I have a clone x100p card. Do I have to install ztdummy on the system to make asterisk work?

[sarcasm]it depends. are you going to put the X100P in the Asterisk server ? [/sarcasm]

ztdummy is only needed as a timing source if you don’t have any digium/zaptel hardware. if you’re using A@H you may well find that a number of unrequired modules are loaded, you can disable these if you want.

and it also depends on your asterisk build. i don’t think 1.2.x requires ztdummy anyway. (am i right anyone ?)

Thanks for the reply!

I read some articles, books about Asterisk, and i got little bit confused by them sometime. I am new to * and I am running 1.2.1 so I guess i can ignore this dummy thing.

i think you only need it for conferencing, since moh and bridging work fine for me without any timing device.on linux kernel 2.6.