Diversion header needed by provider

Hi all

When setting call fwd on a yealink phone to external mobile number the PAI and diversion are sent on the invite but not in the correct format.
The provider is informing me that extension is also showing in the diversion which is why the call is being rejected.
In the image provided the red needs to be removed and the rest is correct.

Note we are using Issabel running asterisk 16.16.1

I’d be more concerned about the first URI, which from the length and first character seems to be malformed.

Which channel driver is this. Is it set for promiscuous redirect mode?

I don’t think there is much ability for the user to manipulate promiscuous redirects, but see Manipulating Party ID Information - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki for what is possible in terms of modifying Diversion. I’d assume PAI is handled as normal caller ID, except, possibly, for promiscuous redirects.

For how to do this within the constraints of Issabel, you could try https://forum.issabel.org/

Maybe better ask on ISSABEL Forum

I would but it looks like only spanish

Issabel is rarely referenced here. It may well be that it is aimed the Spanish speaking market. The only GUI that is regularly used in the English speaking world is FreePBX.

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