Distortion in calls and Zaptel Issues

I installed my first asterisk server 3 weeks ago and everthing went fairly smooth. I got meetme working as well as voice mail and an IAX trunk.

Now I am trying to install two more on nearly identical hardware…

The linux install goes normal (openSuse 10.2). I download the latest zaptel-1.4.3, libpri-1.4.0, asterisk1.4.5, asterisk-addons-1.4.1… I compile and install them in the listed order. I do not get any errors durring the compile of any of the above modules.

I then copy the Asterisk configuration files from the working test server and that is where things stop working well. When I call into the new server I get these loud distortins every 5 to 10 seconds. If I call into a meetme confernce room it prompts for your name (You hear the distortions approx every 5 - 8 seconds). The DTMF is ignored so you can’t enter the confernce. Below is the console output…

== Parsing '/etc/asterisk/meetme.conf': Found -- Created MeetMe conference 1023 for conference '650' -- RecordingLI> -- <SIP/SSE301-081d2630> Playing 'vm-rec-name' (language 'en') -- <SIP/SSE301-081d2630> Playing 'beep' (language 'en') -- x=0, open writing: /var/spool/asterisk/meetme/meetme-username-650-1 format: sln, 0x81d7330 [Jun 17 14:54:57] WARNING[5986]: app.c:598 __ast_play_and_record: No audio available on SIP/SSE301-081d2630?? -- User hung up -- Hungup 'Zap/pseudo-803555498' == Spawn extension (SSMedOutboundDial, 650, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/SSE301-081d2630' [Jun 17 14:55:09] WARNING[5773]: chan_sip.c:1900 retrans_pkt: Maximum retries exceeded on transmission 5d31d7171255ef13@ for seqno 52042 (Critical Response)

The problems continue beyond that. With the new server I can’t check voice mail as DTMF is being ignored there as well.

I run the zaptel speed test and timing test and the results look just like the ones on the working server.

When I reboot the server the Zaptel driver fails (I see a red Fail durring the boot process) and I get the following errors (dmesg)when I try to modprobe for zaptel or ztdummy

zaptel: Unknown symbol crc_ccitt_table ztdummy: Unknown symbol zt_receive ztdummy: Unknown symbol zt_transmit ztdummy: Unknown symbol zt_unregister ztdummy: Unknown symbol zt_register

If I modprobe for crc_ccitt and then modprobe zaptel and ztdummy respectively they then go active. and the above errors go away.

Our one testing/dev system is running very well but these other two just won’t work right. I have tried 3 diffent linux builds and got the same problem. With each. I move the hard drive from the working unit to the new servers and the build works on the hardware. It appears that this is a build issue. I followd the same build instructions on all three boxes.


Please help

I have not solved the problems yet but here is an update. I built a custom copy of the kernel in which I changed the crc_ccitt flage from m to y. This got rid of the Unknow symbol errors but the Zaptel driver still gives a red Failed durring the start up… I have now completed testing by moving my workings systems hard drive to the other two systems and booting. When the working drive is on the systems things seem to work well. This looks to me to be some kind of build issue.

Any help is apperciated.


Hey all I have solved the problem. The distortions with not DTMF was a SIP issue. I forgot to change the NAT IP address in the SIP config file.

The zaptel not loading was the zaptel script in my /etc/init.d folder. I am running openSuse so I changed my system type to debian and that init’s started running correctly.