Distortion due to high latency - better solution required


Here is the scenario

I’m in Asia and have asterisk server in Europe and my DID / Trunk provider is in USA.

Normal latency to USA from here is around 250ms and sometimes goes above 300ms even on dedicated internet and thus we need to re-optimize the route which sometimes takes whole day. To counter this issue we placed our server in Europe from which normal latency is 150ms. Now due to lockdown, everyone is working from home and not everyone has stable internet nor can we get route optimized with home internet.

What I was thinking is that I place one server locally from which everyone can register and another peered server in Europe which would route all calls to and from local server to DID / trunk provider, this way local latency would not be high and we can optimize the route as well.

Is there any better solution for this? Maybe I can use VPN instead of two asterisk servers or something like that?

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