Dealing with high packet loss and latency

Due to a routing peculiarity with my ISP, I’m experiencing high packet loss (10-15%) and high latency (150-200ms) to my VSP.

Until we can resolve this issue, are there any suggestions to improve the way Asterisk deals with such a crappy connection? I can hear the callers fine, but they get very choppy audio.

I’m connecting via IAX, using Asterisk 1.2.7.

Are the jitter buffers and excho cancelling in later versions substantially better? Any recommended settings I should be fiddling?

Any help is much appreciated.

The main problem there is the packet loss. 15-20% packet loss is unacceptable.

try tracerouting them, there are a few utils like which can help pin down where the problem is. If your ISP is only giving you 80% packet delivery, you need to fire them, NOW.

Oh yeah, it’s completely unacceptable.

Looks like my VSP is about to move me to a different machine in a different part of the country, which testing is showing to be providing great quality.

The packet loss is apparently outside my ISP’s direct control, but they’ve ‘lodged a fault’.