2 astrisk servers talking to each other


at the moment we have an asterisk box ( running our telephone system. the * box has SIP trunks (voicepulse) which are suffering from quite bad jitter.

The asterisk server is currently in the UK, but we have offices in the states that use the SIP Trunk for incoming and outgoing calls.

the latency seems to happen as the packets cross the atlantic (tracked using “pingplotter”)

so my question is, if install an asterisk server in our USA premises an have that register the Voicepulse Trunk that will sort the latency out, but is it possible to get the two asterisk servers to be able to exchange calls i.e will the users in the USA be able to dial an extension in the UK?

sorry for the long post!


Yes, but the trunk between them may suffer in the same way as your existing one.

(Almost certainly you would want to go direct for such calls.)

sorry yes thats what i mean, we very rarly ever use the trunk to dial USA numbers so the UK users never experience the jitter issue.

If i went ahead with the idea the Asterisk server in the USA would connect to the trunk not the UK server (if that makes sense!?) so it should alleviate the jitter for the USA users :smile:

currently, internal calls (UK > USA or USA > UK) dont seem to be affected with the jitter issue, its just the trunk

does it sound like a good plan?

there is only one user in the USA branch