Disallow remote party to start recording or transfer calls

Hi there.

It’s my first post here, I searched on google and found nothing (maybe didn’t use the right query…) but I don’t believe I’m the first in this situation.

I have FreePBX with Asterisk 1.6.

The thing is: I want to be able to record or transfer any call, received or made, internal or external, but only allow the record/transfer command to be accepted from internal extensions, not from the caller/called party that is on the other side of the trunk.

From what I have realised I must have this two options like this:
Asterisk Dial command options: TtrwW
Asterisk Outbound Dial command options: TtWw
but that also allow the remote party to start recording and transfer calls…

Any sugestions?

Best Regards.

You don’t want both upper and lower case letters. You want different ones for the external calls context from those for the internal calls context.

Hi, thanks for you reply.

I don’t know if I understand…

Giving the example on recording:
If I don’t put the w (not capital) on the outbound option I’m not able to record an external call that I receive from a trunk…

… and if I put it I’m allowing the other party to give the record command om my server on external calls I started.

I’ve tested and this seams to happen this way…

Any thoughts?

Can you be more specific on the configurations I have to do?

Best Regards.

Not without doing unpaid research on the details, which you could do equally well.


Besides david55, can anyone point me in the right direction?

From what david said, it should be possible and from what I can see it is not done in FreePBX general settings…

Any help would be apreciated.

Best Regards.