Disable Followme 'To accept this call...'

Does anyone know if it’s possible to disable ‘You have an incoming call, press 1 to accept this call, or press 2…’ so that it simply connects both parties once answered?

Don’t enable it in the first place.

You need to ask the person who wrote your dialplan.

This behaviour will typically be triggered by the p or P option on the Dial application call.

Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I have the same question.

I am using the FollowMe application on Asterisk I don’t think this is dialplan related – there is no p option set in the Dial in any of the extensions configured in the FollowMe application. I would simply like to turn off the “1 to accept, 2 to reject” prompt, and automatically accept the call at whichever extension/phone I answer.

As far as I can see, the “1 to accept, 2 to reject” has pretty marginal utility since I can simply pick up an extension, or not, to achieve the same end result. It makes sense if one has the “record caller name” option set, but I don’t.

All right, turns out this was so hard because it was so easy :smile:

For anyone else seeing this later, to implement a really basic follow-me that doesn’t involve any “press to accept/reject” jazz, simply ignore the FollowMe application and use a normal Dial function, passing all of the numbers that you wish to dial:

; extension 101 with follow-me to another number e.g. a cell phone, auto-accept, with music while waiting
exten => 101f,1,Answer
exten => 101f,n,Playback(followme/pls-hold-while-try)
exten => 101f,n,Dial(SIP/101&LOCAL/915551212,30,m)

The normal post-dial handling for NOANSWER, etc., for example to redirect to voicemail if none of the dialed numbers picks up, can be used in the same way as for a single number.

This method will try to call both numbers. Normally you would have consecutive Dial application calls, for each number. The dialplan will, normally, stop on the first answered call.

Exactly right, thanks for the clarification. While I’m not sure if that is what the OP was trying to achieve, dialing both numbers simultaneously was indeed my requirement and I should have specified that.

You can do the same using the FollowMe app by using the “&” symbol for each outbound number when specifying the arguments to “number=>”, but with the FollowMe application, there is no way to turn off the “Press 1 to accept, 2 to reject” stuff. That prompt is useful for doing the numbers in sequence, but isn’t generally required when you are dialing all numbers at the same time.