FollowMe feature doesn't hang up a call that was answered but no option pressed

Hi everyone,

I’m using the FollowMe feature with a standard configuration in followme.conf:




When the call is sent to the first number, 1111111, I answer the call but don’t press any option to take or decline the call. This is to simulate my cellphone’s VoiceMail answering the call if I’m out of coverage or with my phone is turned off.

After the timer expires (in this case, 10 seconds), Asterisk proceeds to the next step and dials 22222222. However, the problem I see is that it never ends the first call to 11111111 and keeps asking over and over again to enter the option to accept the call or decline.

The call to the first number will only end if the second number accepts the call or it times out and there are no other steps so the call is dropped.

Is there a way to drop the first call when it times out and then proceeds with the next step?


Please mention what is you asterisk version ?

are you using pure asterisk or freepbx like web based application ?

if asterisk share your dial-plan as it looks like dialpplan issue ?

Also let us know what is your trunk line from where this incoming call is coming ?

I’m using pure Asterisk 13.12.2 (no distros).

The part of the dialplan involved in this test is:

exten => 8018,1,Verbose(“Testing FollowMe”)
same => n,Queue(test,k,${RING_TIMEOUT})
same => n,FollowMe(following,d)
same => n,Hangup()

The tests I’ve done are from an extension connected directly to Asterisk using PJSIP so it’s originated within Asterisk.