Disable DTMF logging to specific call

I know I can disable/enable full DTMF log via logger.conf., but I need to disable the DTMF logging for a specific call.
Is this possible?

This is because I’m capturing credit card information and this information cannot be written anywhere.

Any help would be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.


you could remove entire lines containing specific string in a log file after hangup the call.


I think that is unlikely to be acceptable for PCIDSS (payment card industry data security standards) as it can fail unsafe and it will leave a copy of the information on a deleted sector. It will also be very inefficient, because it will have to be done immediately on a large file every time a CVV is entered.

Thanks for the reply.
I cannot even register the information to delete after the call hangs.

I would not like to disable de whole log because it might be useful for troubleshooting later.

Does anyone else have any other sugestion?