Disable DTMF detection in SayXXXX aplication

Hi all

I’m working with the asterisk dialplan to make an IVR, but i have the following problem:
When I call SayUnixTime(), asterisk starts sayging digits but in a preemtable way; if the users press any key it tries to jump to that extension.

– <SIP/2008-084cbbd8> Playing ‘digits/mon-10.alaw’ (language ‘es’)
[Nov 19 13:08:33] WARNING[20324]: pbx.c:3827 __ast_pbx_run: Invalid extension ‘2’, but no rule ‘i’ in context ‘BasicServiceIncoming’

How do I disable DTMF detection or dialplan jumping in that application?

Thanks all!

Jose Luis Pedrosa Montes