Disable CDR generation for Action Originate via manager


Im trying to disable cdr generation for not answered outgoing calls made by using Action: Originate via manager,

ACTION: Originate
Channel: Local/orig@test
Exten: ttt
Context: test
ActionID: PlayBack
Priority: 1

exten => orig,1,Dial(SIP/123)
exten => orig,n,Hangup()

exten => ttt,1,Answer()
exten => ttt,n,Hangup()

exten => failed,1,NoCDR()
exten => failed,n,Hangup()

Im using asterisk cdr adaptive odbc.

NoCDR do not have effect in such case. I see that step is executed in asterisk -rvvvv, but record is added to databse .

How can i disable CDR generation if call is unaswered?

Thanks and best regards, KB

Can you post your cdr.conf settings here?