Directory - Play sound file instead of spell name

Is it possible to play a sound file instead of spelling out the names when using Directory listings?

I see this on the wiki
"Also plays the “name” as recorded by the voice mailbox owner to identify the extension. If this recording does not exist, it will speak the letters of the name (bee-oh-bee-space-ess-em-aye-tee-aich)"

How do I implement?



Edit: Nevermind, I thought I had to do something special, guess not all built right in :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having the same problem but I’ve recorded a message and it’s still spelling out the name instead of playing the recording. I’m using asterisknow though. I’ve followed several guides to no avail.


All I did was set my greeting within voicemail and all was ok. Is this where you recorded your greeting?


Yeap, I recorded my greeting through voice mail and it still spells it out.